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Индустрия: Информационные технологии
Дата основания: 2019

Количество сотрудников: до 50

Местонахождение: 19-21 Hatton Garden, Ереван, Украина


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We’ve done the math -A good Applicant Tracking System can help you save 20% of your recruiters’ time and ensure 560% ROI

Recruitment software platforms, applicant management systems and other HRTech products have been around for more than a decade already. For the past several years, with the rise of cloud technologies, a new era began for the mid-market segment, which started to gradually emerge to take a tangible market share. In this new era of cloud technologies, companies with as small as 50 people, started to use applicant tracking and recruitment management software to automate manual tasks, to have a more structured and documented approach in human capital management (HCM).

How to create great job announcements

Composing vacancy descriptions it’s easy to imagine how your ideal candidate is consuming it word by word, falling in love with the position and a company. 

But reality is cruel and far from your dreams. Candidates look through thousands of vacancies and can simply miss important parts of your post. Use these seven rules from LinkedIn to attract the right candidates and deliver the right messages. 

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19-21 Hatton Garden, Ереван, Украина